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Like most businesses, mine began with an idea and a dream. And, in my case...a pandemic.


In 2020, I found myself relocating home to my family in Nyack, New York. Except I had never lived in Nyack. I’d been working a decade in hospitality for a beloved five-star hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, when it unexpectedly shut.   


Now living north along the Hudson River, the people were warm and inviting.  I felt at home... reminiscent of my childhood where I was raised along the shores of Cape Cod with the best candy shops.


The one thing I’ve learned is that people want comfort in challenging times. They want a hit of happiness. And that’s often found in the simplest of life’s pleasures...sweet treats, coffee, bakeries. So, off I went to my computer to research my dream with all the components on how to sell the best French-inspired chocolate truffle out there. How do they do it in the most sophisticated Parisian chocolateries?  Where would my perfect location be?  


I also wanted quality confections – big, thick, yummy and gooey smores bars, Peppermint patties, and products that think outside the heart-shaped box.  


In May of 2022 I finally put the ‘open’ sign on my own shop nestled in the charming village of Piermont, New York, fifteen miles from Manhattan.  


I look forward to becoming a valuable part of my neighboring Piermont community, and to providing you with the best product out there every time you need a hit of chocolate or a sweet gift.  So please stop by and introduce yourself.  I can’t wait to meet you all!  

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